Hook’s Eco Vision

Sustaining the World's Waters

At Hook, we view our mission as not merely supplying pure and refreshing water but also upholding the health and sustainability of the world's freshwater sources. We believe that even the smallest ripples can create waves of change, and so, environmental consciousness is a cornerstone of our business ethos. Each can of Hook you relish not only quenches your thirst but also supports our commitment to sustaining and replenishing the world's rivers and underground water sources.



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Aluminum vs Plastic

A Sea Change in Packaging

In the beverage industry, plastic is unfortunately the norm, contributing significantly to pollution and waste. At Hook, we have elected to chart a different course. We package our water in aluminum cans - a decision that holds several crucial environmental benefits:

  • Higher Recycling Rate: Aluminum cans boast a higher recycling rate compared to plastic bottles, ensuring that more materials get a second life.
  • Less Energy Consumption: The process of recycling aluminum consumes significantly less energy than plastic recycling.
  • Less Pollution: Unlike plastic, aluminum doesn't break down into harmful microplastics, reducing the strain on our freshwater ecosystems.